T.Shaw. NSW. October 2016
I injured my knee earlier this year, tearing several ligaments and tendons causing a lot of pain, swelling and inflammation and debility. This injury normally takes a long time to heal with or without surgery, and I was introduced to Painmaster about one month after the initial injury. I applied it for about 3 days at a time, each day I felt the pain and swelling reduce, much quicker than just having physiotherapy. I was really grateful to have had Painmaster assist me cope with the pain and swelling. Later this year, I flared up an old chronic back injury which caused me sciatic nerve pain and low back pain. i had been going to my regular chiropractor for treatment, but as this was going to take a while to heal, I brought out the Painmaster and applied it to my lower back, like the illustration. Within a few hours, the pain was much less and I was able to quickly reduce all pain medication. I think the Painmaster helped reduce the swelling around the inflamed discs and of course took pressure of the sciatic nerve. whenever I have flare ups, I know i can now rely on Painmaster as one of my healing techniques. I prefer this method than taking lots of pain medications, especially if you have chronic pain like I do.