You only have your pain to lose.

Manage your pain 24/7, Drug Free


RELIEVE your pain

RECOVER from injury


REPAIR yourself 24/7

You only have your pain to lose.

Keep living your life.


ACTIVATE the body's

NATURAL healing process


Where Is Your Pain?
Micro Current Therapy may relieve;
– Lower back pain  More
– Upper back pain More
– Neck pain More
– Nerve Pain More
– Joint Pain More
– Elbow Pain More
– Muscle Pains & Spasms

How to use Painmaster
Step 1: Place 1 patch either side of pain
Step 2: Use initially for 2-3 days
Step 3: Reduce use to suit your needs
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Painmaster For Therapists 
If you are in the musculoskeletal, naturopathy, counselling, nutritional, sports fields, learn how Painmaster works as a part of a total health approach to pain management and recovery.
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Australian Reviews
The pain master has helped me a great deal. I have constant lower back pain due to bulging discs and spur at L5/s1…
I was suffering from shoulder pain after a recent fall where I broke both wrists. I somehow must have hurt my shoulder…
I am a 57 year old ex pro skier who has had knee reconstructions…

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Micro Current Therapy has NO SENSATIONS (It’s not a TENS device) It is not a pain blocker as it potentially helps RESTORE and REGENERATE without medications. Try it for temporary relief from CONTINOUS PAIN today.

Painmaster Micro Current Therapy is now trusted by people in 28 countries globally

Now available in 28 countries globally, Micro Current Therapy by Painmaster offers a new, non-invasive and comfortable option for pain relief.  Used by men and women and children 13 years and over, try Painmaster as it may help reduce your pain without medications.

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