Microcurrent Therapy by Painmaster

For Chronic Pain Management, Injury and Post Operative Recovery
M.E.N.S or ‘Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation’

– A proven Drug-Free, non-invasive compliment to multiple therapy disciplines.
– Works at the cellular level to increase ATP, promoting cell waste removal to promote healing
– Now in 59 countries, it is the only FDA listed MENS device. TGA artg 220278
– New Therapist sample review program available. Australian reviews HERE
– Clinical research and studies available on request MORE HERE
– Support material and P.O.S material included
– Strong margins and excellent repeat purchase patterns. RRP $45.00
– Consumable product, up to 300 hours treatment per purchase
– Free national delivery, 30 day trading terms available
– Therapist Quick Guide to Micro-Current HERE

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Microcurrent Therapy is Not A Pain Blocking Device
Whilst Microcurrent Therapy can be used at varying frequencies in the therapists environment, Painmaster is a fixed current targeted to work at the cellular level to possibly enhance circulation, reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain levels.  What is exciting is the potential for a cumulative effect.  What’s different to other Electro Therapies (such as TENS) or opiods is that Microcurrent Therapy works at the cellular level to activate the body’s natural healing process rather than working simply as a pain blocker.  Physiological effects research HERE

Incorporating Microcurrent Therapy Into Your Total Care Program
As Painmaster is medication free and cannot be felt by the user, the treatment will not interfere with other therapies and can be used in conjunction with them to help manage pain and inflammation.  Often, when pain levels are managed without other medications in the users system, other complimentary therapies such as physical mannipulation, dietary changes, supplements and naturopathic products may be more easily monitored for effectiveness.
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Reduce Pain First – Painmaster In Practice
Reducing and managing pain and inflammation as a first step  in a total care program makes sense in helping to create a baseline to work from.  Here’s how you may use Painmaster to ensure the best results with your clients:
Step 1: Identify the source of the pain and not areas of referred pain.
Step 2: Ask the client to nominate their pain score before use (1-10 where 10 is extreme)
Step 3: Remove Painmaster from packaging and explain taking care of patches and electronics when in use and not in use.
Step 4: Show the client how to place 1 patch either side of the centre of pain and attach the electronics.
Step 5: Ensure the battery status indicator is flashing and visible to the client.
Step 6: Discuss the time patches should be used each day/week to get the best results
Review: Arrange a follow up session and/or a pain review, noting clients pain score after use at various intervals.

Therapist Education – Getting Started
We provide educational materials and support materials for approved therapists, as well as point of sale materials (if needed).  New therapists can utilise our phone/skype training sessions to help establish how Painmaster can work best with the therapy being offered to get the best results both practically and financially.

Therapist Pricing
Wholesale pricing is available for therapists offering excellent margins and strong repeat sales as Painmaster is a consumable device.  Quantity discount rates are available and delivery is available Australia wide.

Information Kit & Sample Review Program – Getting Started
After an initial discussion, interested Therapists may utilise our trial review program to try Painmaster in practice.  Please contact us for further information on becoming a Painmaster Therapist HERE  or call us to discuss becoming an approved Therapist:
Phone: Australia 1300 558 252
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Phone 1300 558 252 for Therapist Information or
Click Here To Request Information & Pricing