By Helen. W
January 2019. SA
I have been a Painmaster user off & on for years, but this proved beyond a doubt how effective they are.  I am 71 & fractured my L wrist in November 2017, requiring a plate & screws.  In August 2018, I had a torn tendon repair and removal of a large build up of calcium in L hip.  2 days ago I had a very heavy fall, of course onto my L side, on a concrete floor in my shed.  I was in severe pain after the fall, particularly in L knee. I could barely put any weight on it yesterday morning, even using a walking stick.  Put Painmasters on all the really painful bits all day yesterday and last night, and the improvement is amazing.  I can walk fairly easily without the stick & pain in other areas is somewhat less.  My L knee has no cartilage in it at all, so had I damaged it, I’d be looking at a knee replacement. I have just ordered 3 more as some of mine are reaching their use by hours.  Thanks so much for a wonderful product which actually does what it says it will.