by Madelele M. VIC. March 2018
I have been diagnosed with severe osti arthritis in my neck, back, knees and feet that has affected my mobility, and at times I have found it difficult to cope with the pain and discomfort. However for several years I managed my condition with exercise, (paracetemol), and when required anti – inflammatory medication. Due to several factors my Doctor was not keen on prescribing the anti-inflammatory medication. Three years ago I had two operations and radiation treatment for breast cancer. I considered the surgery and treatment effected my mobility and it became more difficult to manage my arthritis condition. I experienced severe neck pain. An MRI confirmed I had “severe to gross” damage to parts of my neck. My Doctor tried several avenues to assist me. However I got little, if any relief. The anti – inflammatory medication helped my overall mobility to an extent, however did nothing for my neck. I was referred to a specialist who confirmed diagnosis, and suggested I go on stronger medication. I did not want to do this for several reasons. I was the carer for my husband who was suffering from asbestosis fibrosis. Also, I found if I did take stronger drugs they only relieved the pain for a short time and left me feeling very drowsy.

I was referred to a physiotherapist after several months. He did help me a little. I had this cracking noise when I moved my neck and his treatment fixed this problem. I did all I could to improve my situation, heat bags,physio, exercise, (paracetemol), natural medications. I began to just live with the situation. About two years ago my daughter who is a nurse was visiting a women in a nursing home to dress her wound. She was wearing a Painmaster, and my daughter enquired about what it was. She told her story saying it was the only thing that had given her any relief from her back pain. My daughter followed up and presented me with all the information. I will say I was very cynical at first, however I was also desperate at the time so I said I would give it a trial. Well I did and almost from the start it gave me relief. I am so grateful for that conversation my daughter had. My Doctor or physio had never heard of the product. My Doctor was very impressed with my response. She bought several Painmaster’s for her daughter who suffered neck pain. She reported that her daughter had also found relief from using Painmaster. I used the Painmaster daily for approximately six months. I then began to realise I did not need to be using it all the time. I also have a problem with back pain and at times get Sciatica down my leg. When the Sciatica flares up I now use the Painmaster to settle it down. I found with my back pain I had to make sure I place it in the right spot. I only need to use the Painmaster now for my back on a needs basis. My neck has healed for the moment. I am very careful not to aggravate my condition. I take magnesium supplements and (paracetemol) when required. There is no doubt in my mind, Paimaster worked for me. When I look back on that time when I was in constant pain with my neck, I can feel tears in my eyes. I am grateful to feel so much better. Life is good. I am surprised more people do not use it, I have recommended to friends and family. They say they must try it. However I am not sure they do. Perhaps they were not as desperate as I was for relief. I know this review turned out to be a long story, however it was my story of a very distressing time in my life, and I did not really know how to make it shorter.