By P Brown. NT October 2015. Lower Back Pain

Comments : Painmaster changed my life! I was at the point that my legs were constantly asleep and feet were numb. I still continue to have slight numbness in one of my feet, but minor compared to what I did have. With the prospect of having an operation or being drug dependant for the rest of my life Painmaster certainly made my life a whole lot better. I preach the benefits of it wherever I go.
1. Condition (eg Lower Back Pain, Sciatica etc): Lower back pain
2. Number of years suffering from the condition: 10
3. Specific body position for treatment: Lower back
4. Number of hours used per day: 8 hours
5. Number of Days used in total: 120
6. Pain Score before use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 8
7. Pain Score after use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 2
8. After stopping did pain remain less: Yes
8.1 If Yes, for how long: Still using, remains good for a week. Haven’t tried not it using longer than that.
9. Was the product practical & comfortable enough for your needs: Yes
10. Was Painmaster discreet enough: Yes
11. Did Painmaster help your mobility: Yes
12. Did you reduce medications by by using Painmaster? Provide Info.
I was using prescribed medicines such as Endone, tremmadole and panadeine forte on a daily basis. Using the Painmaster patches for 30 days I no longer required any medication.
13. Would you recommend Painmaster to others: Yes
14. How did you find out about Pain Master? Mother in-law researched it