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I am a 57 year old ex pro skier who has had knee reconstructions (one from motorbike accident (medial lateral) and one from skiing (ACL plus torn achilles)), have run and gym almost daily for over 35 years. I have had a couple of arthroscopic cleanups on my knees over the decades and periods where I have been immobilised through knee pain and swelling. Haven’t ever used anti-inflamatories as I prefer just to work through it naturally. Last year I ruptured the miniscus in my left knee and have had a very painful recovery period lasting almost 12 months. A few weeks ago I came across Painmaster at a chemist next to my gym in CBD Sydney and I bought one. I have used it at nights for the past 2 weeks and while I am not running, I am training for 1 1/2 hours a day at the gym and amazingly I have no pain. It took a few days before I really noticed a big difference but 2 weeks on I am a total convert. The range of motion I now have is getting back to my athletic days and I am able to really push the leg strength training now. Brilliant find!!
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Manage Your Pain Drug Free
Painmaster for Women uses the same Micro Current Therapy (MCT) technology as regular Painmaster and can be used just like regular Painmaster for the temporary relief of continuous and occasional pain.

Why is Painmaster For Women Special?
Painmaster for Women has been re-engineered for more discreet and feminine use with changes to patches, electrodes and battery indicator light (now light green).

“We use Microcurrent Therapy for a range of soft tissue, bone and nerve injuries and have had good success. It is a safe, efficient and clinically effective tool that we now use on a regular basis here at Everton Football Club” Joe Hinnigan – Everton FC


How Herbs and Spices Reduce Inflammation In Your Body
This is a great article on how to add some spice to your dinner plate to cut down on inflammation.  Use Painmaster Micro Current Therapy directly on the source of pain / inflammation and add these herbs to your diet to assist in a hwole body approach to reducing inflammation.
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We’ve put together a new Back Pain treatment video. This shows the most common placement for Painmaster for Back Pain and some simple tips for looking after your patches.


Do you take Anti-inflammatories? Whilst they’re necessary and helpful, overuse and over prescription aren’t helpful. Micro-Current therapy is a drug free anti-inflammatory and may help as a part of a total health program. Learn more from the ABC here…/thep…/stories/2010/11/30/3076280.htm

Medicines may have different side effects on Women and we need to know why when they are prescribed to us. This TED talk is a real eye opener. Micro Current Therapy by Painmaster is absolutely positively 100% Drug Free!

View the TED Talk here

By P Brown. NT October 2015. Lower Back Pain

Comments : Painmaster changed my life! I was at the point that my legs were constantly asleep and feet were numb. I still continue to have slight numbness in one of my feet, but minor compared to what I did have. With the prospect of having an operation or being drug dependant for the rest of my life Painmaster certainly made my life a whole lot better. I preach the benefits of it wherever I go.
1. Condition (eg Lower Back Pain, Sciatica etc): Lower back pain
2. Number of years suffering from the condition: 10
3. Specific body position for treatment: Lower back
4. Number of hours used per day: 8 hours
5. Number of Days used in total: 120
6. Pain Score before use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 8
7. Pain Score after use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 2
8. After stopping did pain remain less: Yes
8.1 If Yes, for how long: Still using, remains good for a week. Haven’t tried not it using longer than that.
9. Was the product practical & comfortable enough for your needs: Yes
10. Was Painmaster discreet enough: Yes
11. Did Painmaster help your mobility: Yes
12. Did you reduce medications by by using Painmaster? Provide Info.
I was using prescribed medicines such as Endone, tremmadole and panadeine forte on a daily basis. Using the Painmaster patches for 30 days I no longer required any medication.
13. Would you recommend Painmaster to others: Yes
14. How did you find out about Pain Master? Mother in-law researched it