Win Win For You & Your Friends

shareInnerOrigin has a brilliant link-sharing voucher system to encourage you to share the site with your friends and family.

Once you’ve become a customer, every time you share the shopping link with a friend who makes a purchase, you BOTH receive an InnerOrigin voucher.  Earn unlimited vouchers … the more you share, the more everyone benefits!  There are no membership fees for giving and receiving vouchers. (There is also a Members’ Rewards program, where you can earn reward points on all your purchases. This is optional, and not required to give and receive shopping vouchers).
Optional: You may become an advocate, sharing your own Inner Origin link to earn income, please Contact Us for information.

Your One Stop Health Shop

onestopThe InnerOrigin platform is brand new and new products are being added every day. The ultimate aim is to be a healthy, ethical online supermarket and supply all your healthy shopping needs. Choose from Groceries, Superfoods, Pet Care, Skin & Personal Care and Education products. Fresh food (organic of course) is in the pipeline.
Save time and petrol and have it all delivered to your door for a low delivery fee. Or, if you’re buying regularly you can become a Rewards Member ($49.95 once only fee) and purchase unlimited* shipping per year for just $199. On a weekly shop, that works out to be just $3.80 shipping per order – and you get to leave your car in the driveway and avoid supermarket queues!
*Fair use policy applies – up to 70 shops per annum. Shop Now

Painmaster and Inner Origin

Painmaster has affiliated with the InnerOrigin shopping platform to provide a trusted source of healthy groceries, personal and home care products to support our clients’ general health and wellbeing. ANYONE can shop though – you don’t need to be a Painmaster client. We hope you love the products as much as we do.